What is Kairos Dwelling?

Kairos is a “home” for the dying. We are a four-bed home that permits terminally ill persons to remain as alert and comfortable as possible as they prepare for death. We assist individuals and their families in meeting the needs related to the care of the dying person, nurturing of the family during this time, honoring the person through the dying process, and supporting his/her family. Our goal is to provide cost-free comfort care in a peaceful and loving environment. We do not hasten or postpone death but provide a setting where it can be as symptom free as possible and treated as a natural part of life. Dignity and respect are the cornerstones of our program as we believe “there can be fulfillment of life in the presence of death.”

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Without their unselfish acts we would not be able to provide this much needed cost-free care. Care giving is provided by trained volunteers and staff. Our guests and families are loved and cared for through the kindness and compassion of our volunteers and staff and because of your commitment to support Kairos through your generous donations.

Kairos accepts into our home people from any faith and culture. We serve people of all ages who suffer from terminal illnesses. People of any religious, social and financial background are welcome. Referrals come to us from hospitals, doctors, social workers, hospices, families or individuals. The partnership between local hospices who provide the medical care plan and Kairos assures quality of care for our guests. Read more about admissions.

Our Staff

Executive Director
Susan Shaw

Assistant Director
Shelly Losey

Care Providers
Nicole B.
Linda F.
Linda M.
Sandy M.
Amber S.

Board of Directors

William McNulty

Mary Halpert

James Lewis

Kathy Calnin
James Dean
Michael Dombos
Jackie Merriam
Mary Smith
Marvin Veltkamp